Income Protection

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Income protection is an insurance that covers you for your lost earnings if you are unable to work.

Many people take out income protection policies to protect themselves in the event that they can no longer work. Superannuation funds also take out Income Protection insurance for their members.

You may also not be aware that your employer or lending institution may have taken out this cover on your behalf.
These policies usually pay up to 75% of your income for a minimum of two years. Many insurers arbitrarily decline claims or stop paying these claims after a short period and most people don't challenge their decision to do so. Consequently many people can be denied their rightful entitlements.

In order to successfully pursue these claims people need to ensure that they instruct solicitors who specialise in this area. At Firths we have built up an enviable reputation in successfully pursuing these claims on behalf of our clients. We are widely acknowledged as leaders in this field.

In fact we have even assisted people who used to work at these insurance companies and who have seen firsthand what we have been able to achieve for our clients. In many instances clients have come to us many years after their claim had been declined. Very often they had just about given up on it by the time they spoke to us. Fortunately for them they did finally contact Firths and were ultimately successful.

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