Why Use Firths?

Unlike other law firms, we specialise in claims for compensation against insurance companies. Below is a list of reasons why we have a success rate of over 99% and are the right choice for you.

We only do claims against insurance companies and draw on our specialist knowledge of how the industry works. In the last 20 years we have fought and won over 18,000 cases and recovered more than $1.25 billion in compensation for our clients.
If we take your case on we require no money up front. There are no legal bills until the end and then only if your case is successful. (For more information see “Legal Costs”)
We are by nature fighters. Some cases can be very hard fought. We are there for the long haul. We will go into bat for you and will fight hard for your rights.

We identify with your struggle. At Firths we do all in our power to deliver justice as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because we specialise we can finalise your case more quickly and with a lot less stress to you.
At Firths you will receive the best possible advice every step of the way in clear plain English. We also have consultants who speak Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Italian, Korean, Khmer, Macedonian, Mandarin and Spanish.
One of the common complaints we hear from clients who come to us from other firms is that they have been passed from one lawyer to another within the firm.

Whilst we understand that life is unpredictable and things can change our legal team here at Firths have been together for many, many years. Nearly all our solicitors have been with the firm for 12 years or more!

This means that the solicitor who starts your case will be there right to the end.
In releasing the results for the firm for the month Mr Firth announced that in April the firm had set new records. Across the firm 60 matters were successfully finalised at a success rate of 100%.

The total compensation recovered for our clients in April was $12,762,100 or an average of $212,000 per matter Mr Firth said. During the month the firm secured one of the largest ever TPD settlements of $3.25M for one of its clients.

This is the second strong month in succession Mr Firth said. In March the firm successfully completed 68 matters again at a 100% success rate. The total compensation recovered in March was $11,663,362 at an average of $171,520 per matter. This includes what is believed to be the largest award of damages ever recovered in New South Wales for a nervous shock case of $3.9M.

Mr Firth said that both the number and size of the results achieved had been trending up over the course of the year. So far in calendar year 2015 the firm has successfully completed 224 matters, recovering over $35 million in compensation for its clients. This takes the all-time tally to 17,775 successfully completed matters recovering over $1.2 billion for our clients Mr Firth said.
In releasing the results for the firm for the month Mr Firth announced that in May the firm had continued its successful run of recent months. Across the firm 66 matters were successfully finalized in May, again at a success rate of 100%.

The total compensation recovered for our clients in May was over $10 million at an average of over $150,000 per matter Mr Firth said. During the month the firm secured two multi-million dollar verdicts for its clients and several verdicts greater than $500,000.

This is the third strong month in succession Mr Firth said. In March the firm successfully completed 68 matters again at a 100% success rate. The total compensation recovered in March was $11,663,362 at an average of $171,520 per matter. In April the total compensation recovered was $12,762,100 at an average of $212,000 per matter, again at a success rate of 100%.

This brings the total compensation recovered over the last quarter to just under $35 million.
Most solicitors are very conservative and quite risk adverse. It is a rare solicitor indeed who will put his own neck on the chopping block for one of his clients. What do I mean? Well take as an example a case that finished in the last couple of weeks.

Before the hearing the best offer made by the insurance company was $440,000. Most solicitors would probably have advised the client to accept that because very few are actually prepared to run cases and so end up advising their client to just accept whatever the insurance company is offering. Not us though! In this case we advised the client against taking the $440,000 because we thought his case was worth more. The client took our advice and sure enough, on the day of the hearing, the insurance company increased its offer, firstly to $490,000 and then to $560,000. Now that was a substantial increase. The client was very interested but we thought his case was worth still more and so we advised him not to accept but rather to run his case and see what he was awarded. There was a fair amount of risk in giving that advice because the client could have been awarded less than $560,000.

Despite that the client himself still wanted to take their offer. In those circumstances almost all solicitors would have just taken the easy road and settled. But not us! We advised the client that whilst it was true he might get less than $560,000, we thought that, if he ran his case, he would probably get more. Once again the client agreed to go with our advice. Mr Firth then personally ran his hearing for him. The hearing went quite well and whilst we were quietly confident it was a nervous time whilst we waited for the decision to be handed down.

But we needn’t have worried because in the result the client was awarded $709,000. Nearly $150,000 more than he had been offered on the day! Needless to say the client was very happy indeed.

At Firths we produce results like this literally every day of the week. That is just one example of how we can increase your returns and add value to your case.
I have written elsewhere about the importance of keeping disbursements down as low as possible. That is where we can deliver really big savings for our clients. Take one case that I just settled for $535,000. Now in a case like that most solicitors would incur upward of $50,000 in disbursements. But because we economised we didn’t incur anywhere near that much. For one thing we did all the work ourselves saving the client a fortune in counsel’s fees and investigation fees. In a case of this size most firms would have spent $30,000 just on that.

Nor did we spend up big on medical reports either. In a case like this most firms would have spent $15 - $20,000 just on that. But because we have been around awhile and know what we’re about, in this case we could access all the reports we needed free of charge!

This meant that instead of spending $50,000 on disbursements like most solicitors we didn’t even spend $5,000. In fact the total cost to the client for disbursements was $550. Yes a measly $550!!
We believe we achieve the best results for our clients. This claim is easy to make but hard to prove. How can you be sure our claim is correct? Well take a tip from someone who really knows; one of the claims managers at the largest Motor Vehicle insurer in NSW. From his position he sees hundreds of different claims every year. He gets to see at first-hand what different firms achieve for their clients.

So who do you think he chose to run his case for him when he was injured in a motor vehicle accident? Yes, that’s right, he chose us! Now we think that really says something. So if you’ve been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident why not go where those in the know go, with Firths!

And remember your claim is worth more with us!
On 24th and 25th August this year Mr Firth recovered $6M in compensation for just two of our clients.

The first case concerned a truck driver who was seriously injured in a road rage incident on the Northern Beaches. His case settled for $2.7M.

Then the very next day judgment was handed down in a case for a woman who had suffered a back injury in a motor vehicle accident on the Harbour Bridge. She was awarded $3.15M by the assessor after a hearing at CARS. In addition the assessor ordered the insurer to pay costs totaling $158,000.

This was a particularly pleasing result because before the hearing the insurer had offered $2M and the client was seriously considering taking it but we strongly advised against it. Fortunately the client took our advice and now she is $1.5 million better off.

You know most solicitors would have just let the client take the offer. After all it was a lot of money. But we’re not like most solicitors. We are prepared to stick our necks out for our clients.

That is just one way we can make a difference in your case. For this client it meant an extra $1.5 million! Just think how much extra it might mean for you!

This brings the total compensation recovered for our clients for the year to date to $63,871,000 at an average of $157,000 per matter.

Stephen Paul Firth
Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law

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