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Do You Need A Superannuation Lawyer?

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Steady support in challenging times

You’ve worked hard to provide for your family. To enjoy a lifestyle, and to meet your loved ones’ needs. 

But if you’ve suffered a total and permanent disability (TPD), you may be unable to work. Unable to earn an income. Unable to pay your bills and unable to support the people who depend on you.

It’s scary, stressful and uncertain, and you may not know where to get help.

But the good news is, we’re here for you. We offer a steady hand to guide you through, supporting you and your family. We’ll explain the law in straightforward language and help you secure the best possible financial payout.

You can trust us to help you through

When choosing a TPD superannuation lawyer, you need a rare combination of skills. Not only a broad knowledge of superannuation law, but you also need a person who’s with you from beginning to end: from the first meeting to the final payout. When you choose us, you’ll work with a superannuation lawyer who will expertly and sensitively guide you. They will take time and care to understand your situation and the pressures that come with a TPD.  

With our significant experience in disability insurance claims and our impressive success rates, we’re also proud that many of our clients’ claims are paid without delay. 

We’re proud that so many people trust us with their claims, and we’re ready to help you too.

Contact us today for free advice.

Our experience in superannuation TPD claims

Superannuation TPD claims often settle without going to court. However, in the rare cases that require a court hearing, our lawyers get excellent results. No other law firm in Australia has achieved as many successful judgments for their clients. Here’s a selection of some of our wins:

  • We successfully challenged an insurer’s rejection of a TPD claim where the medical reports had differing opinions about the claim. Read more
  • Our case considered whether part-time work could be categorized as suitable employment. Read more
  • Our client’s injuries were found to be “total and permanent disablement.” Read more
  • A court decided that insurers must genuinely consider a superannuation claim for TPD. Read more
  • An insurer had unreasonably delayed a decision about our client’s superannuation TPD claim. Read more
  • The insurer was ordered to pay interest to our client for withholding payment on a claim. Read more
  • Our client was awarded more than $1.4 million after the insurer wrongly rejected the claim. Read more
  • Our client was found to be totally and permanently disabled after the insurer had initially rejected their claim. Read more
  • A court determined the date from which interest should be calculated on our client’s superannuation TPD claim. Read more
  • Our client was found to have a valid income protection policy. Read more
  • Our client was entitled to a TPD benefit of more than $465,000. Read more
  • A court allowed our client to reopen his claim after the superannuation trust had rejected it. Read more
  • The insurer acted unreasonably in not having decided our client’s claim within three months of making the claim. Read more
  • Our client was awarded $200,000 damages for the insurer’s “gross unreasonable delay”, in addition to the $310,000 benefit. Read more
  • A court accepted our client’s case for a TPD claim after the insurer rejected it. Read more
  • Our client’s case for a TPD claim was accepted by a court. Read more
  • A legal decision noted that fairness is a relevant consideration for an insurer. Read more
  • Our client challenged the insurer’s decision to refuse his claim for a $100,000 benefit. Read more
  • A court considered whether our client was totally and permanently disabled after the superannuation fund rejected his claim. Read more
  • Our client was found to be totally and permanently disabled. Read more

DIsability benefits through your TPD claim

People on the disability support pension are entitled to receive disability benefits following their application and grants to disabled person(s).  People need to know that they are entitled to contact superannuation solicitors seeking superannuation legal advice.  These TPD lawyers such as Firths, specialise in assisting persons on a disability allowance claiming their superannuation insurance. 

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