Why Choose Firths?

We are compensation specialists

We specialise in compensation & personal injury claims, superannuation & TPD claims and will disputes and because we specialise we know what we're doing. And because weare know what we're doing we get better results more quickly.

We have a proven track record

At Firths our success rate is over 99%. In fact, over the last 25 years our compensation lawyers have recovered more than $1.5 billion in compensation in more than 20,000 successful compensation cases.

We finish cases quickly

Because we are specialist compensation lawyers and we know what we're doing we can move quickly. We find that we can settle many compensation cases in 6 months and most inside 12 months. However serious compensation cases where injuries take longer to stabilise, can take longer.

No Win No Fee Guarantee Compensation Lawyers

At Firths we don't ask you to pay any money up front in fact we make no charge until the end of the case and then only if successful and then only from the result.

Fixed Quote Compensation Lawyers

We are the only compensation lawyers in NSW that will give you a fixed quote, other firms only give estimates.  These are usually revised upwards as the matter progresses. 

Our lump sum fixed fee quote gives you certainty and peace of mind because you know right from the outset what our legal fees will be. But remember if your compensation claim is unsuccessful you don't have to pay us anything.

We keep the disbursements to a minimum

Most other compensation lawyers spend up big on disbursements, all of which gets added to your bill. Even worse many firms borrow the money to fund the disbursements so you end up paying double!

At Firths we aim to keep disbursements to a bare minimum. We only pay for what is absolutely necessary.  This can save you tens of thousands of dollars compared to our competitors.

We never give up

We are by nature fighters. We don't take "No" for an answer.  We won't give up. We will go into bat for you and will fight hard for your rights. If necessary we will bring it to proceedings for you. At Firths we fight to win. After all because we are not going to get paid unless we win, we want win and because we are specialist compensation lawyers we do win more often. 

We speak your language

At Firths you will receive the best possible advice every step of the way in clear plain English. No legal mumbo jumbo, just plain direct easy to understand advice. We also have staff that speak Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Khmer, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

We do the work

Most other compensation lawyers sub-contract most of the work to barristers and other agents and run up big disbursement bills that all come out of your settlement. 

At Firths we do the work ourselves.  This can save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary disbursements.

Free Claim Advice

At Firths we provide a free claim appraisal service. So if you would like to find out if you have a claim worth fighting for give us a call for your obligation free compensation claim assessment.

We recover costs from the opposition

At Firths we make it our business to recover as much as possible of your costs and disbursements from the opposition. 

This is important because the more we get from them the more you end up with in your pocket.

We deliver Maximum Compensation

Our specialist compensation, super/ TPD claims and will dispute lawyers work hard to maximise your claim and keep disbursements to a minimum, so you end up with maximum compensation in your pocket.

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Roslyn McKeon


18 May 2020

I contacted Firths The Superannuation Lawyers 4 years ago to help me with my super and income protection claims as I didn’t know how or where to start with my claims, I seen there add on tv and thought I’d give them ago, best decision I ever made, they were...

Mase Mase21

6 May 2020

Without a doubt the experts in what they do. I would never have got as far without them. Firths has changed my little family's future for the better.

Weiwei Wang

CTP Claim

18 February 2020

I would really recommend Stephen Firths as the compensation solicitor as he was involved in a car accident before and truly understand victims' frustration and desperate after the accident. I was involved in a car accident front crash 110km/h for both car. The insurance's lawyer even didnt want to admit...

Jessica Hill

Successful CTP Claim Google review

23 January 2020

A big thank you to Firth’s compensation lawyers! James handled my claim for me and I must say how brilliant he was. He was professional and respectful of my wishes through the whole process and took the time to explain everything to me step by step. He went above and...

Sue Goodall

Successful Super Claim - Google Review

9 January 2020

Thank you for all your help.From seeing your ad on Tv to me making a phone call to your wonderful staff you made making my claim stress free.With you communicating with me at all stages. I would recommend Firths Lawyers for anyone that wants professional and exceptional help. Thank you...