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12 November 2018

Matter Type: Google Review - Personal Injury

Evan is friendly and efficient. I'm very satisfied with his work.

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- James Sun

8 November 2018

Matter Type: Google Review

The team at Firths were extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of my case. They treated me and my case with respect and always made sure that I was kept informed at every stage and were always approachable if I ever had questions or felt unsure about something. Dedication to a case and the strength to stand by what they say when first reviewing your case clearly demonstrated their years of knowledge and personal conviction to succeed. Firths were definitely the best choice I could have made when dealing with my legal matter.

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- Christopher Malouf

8 November 2018

Matter Type: Google Review - Superannuation TPD Claims

I would highly recommend Firths for your compensation needs! I have been through a lot in the last 7 nearly 8 years! Firth’s Lawyers Carl, Brendan and Co Have made everything easy by keeping in contact with me all the way through. I have spoken to numerous receptionists through my journey and they have been very Informative and quick to pass on any doubts I’ve had to my Lawyer at hand and they have got back in contact with me ASAP. So I’d like to say thank you guys from the receptionist to Lawyers even to the accounting dept for everything!

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2 November 2018

Matter Type: Google Review - NSW Personal Injury Claim

Total success, happy with the outcome, most of the staff were helpful and polite, except one who was a little rude at times but the important thing is that they achieved a positive outcome. Thanks again

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- The funny Accent

16 October 2018

Matter Type: Google Review - NSW Personal Injury Claim


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- Mac Fin

5 October 2018

Matter Type: Superannuation Claim

Firths have done a great job getting my super sorted with great communication with me. I would highly recommend them to anyone having problems with there superannuation provider.

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- John Ward

19 September 2018

Matter Type: Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

Stephen Firth and his team at firths compensation were outstanding at achieving what I wanted out of my compensation and supported me all the way through. The legal representation is a very high standard. I highly recommend using firths!

Link to Tahnee Mains Google Review

- Tahnee Mains

17 September 2018

Matter Type: CTP Compensation Claim

Thank you, Firths Compensation Lawyers.  especially to James Kostpetos, Ross Goodridge , Alysia, Laura, Chanta &Taylor. and all Firths employees who assisted in my case. the final settlement you guys achieved for me, was way past my expectations . i am very happy with the results.  this is the second time Firths have acted in my behalf , both times a good result.  i would fully recommend  Firths.

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- James Pirie

15 September 2018

Matter Type: Personal Injury Claims

I feel overwhelmed by the the support and understanding I have received from Firths. After dealing with the firm over some time I have become very attached to the devoted team.  Firths legal representation and customer service is second to none. My compensation claim was very complex as my injury occurred a number of years before I sought legal advice.  From the first time I spoke with James (senior lawyer) I felt reassured that all would be done to assist my claim.

During an expected lengthy plight with the opposition,  I met Alysia (junior lawyer) who was not only exceptionally professional but also emotionally supportive. Of course, during the waiting and exchange of information period, I spoke with many different staff members and was always impressed with their knowledge, efficiency and helpfulness.

When my case finally went to 'hearing', James, Alysia and the appointed barrister were exceptional and demonstrated an example of professional excellence.

My case is still underway and whilst I have already received  financial  and health care compensation that well exceeded my expectations, Firths continue to pursue further benefits that are rightfully mine. I am enormously grateful.

Warmest regards and thank you so, so much.


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- Debra Baumberger

14 September 2018

Matter Type: Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

James Kospetas and his team were extremely professional from the first point of contact. All correspondence was easy to understand, and all questions answered in an empathetic manner. I was informed from the start of my claim it would be a lengthy process, but worth the wait in the end. James and his team went above and beyond and this was shown in my successful outcome. I highly recommend James Kospetas from Firths

Link to Karen Markham's Google Review

- Karen Markham

13 September 2018

Matter Type: Commonwealth Superannuation Claim

After three years of fighting with ComSuper and dealing with a medical review that was amazing in its errors and shortcomings, my claim was eventually declined. Getting Mario Rodriguez and Firths to handle my case eventually got me the best outcome I could have expected, in fact it was better than I expected. Dealing with ComSuper is difficult at the best of times as I knew from my three years trying and getting nowhere, it took Mario two years of effort to finally get us the settlement and I truly believe that nobody could have done it faster, my case was complex and had already been declined once. I was more than happy with Mario, he was always available and I always knew what was happening and where we were going. My experience with Mario and Firths was very good and I was very pleased with the outcome, I knew what it was going to cost and what I could expect before we started. It was a relief to be able to hand the hassles of dealing with ComSuper to Mario's capable hands.

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- Darren Brown

12 September 2018

Matter Type: Personal Injury Claim

I found James and his team helped me obtain an outcome of more than expected. Their communication and dedication to me as their client was fantastic.

- Le-anne Stewart

12 September 2018

Matter Type: NSW CTP Compensation Claim

Dear Stephen,Chole,Jane,and Marlene.
I  would like to publicly acknowledge my deepest appreciation to yourself, and all your wonderful staff for getting me over the past 4 years.
I have been in awe of the professional manner of all your staff, and the prompt and courtesy attention that was extended to me when I was not my usual self.Nothing was ever a problem,and the guidance you gave me FINALLY got me over the line.You will never know what a significant difference you have made in my life.At least now life will be more tolerable,with some QUALITY.
Again Thankyou for helping me  get my life back on track.
Regards Lynne.

- Lynne Laird

10 August 2018

Matter Type: Medical Negligence Claim

If your after a firm that actually takes the time to get to know you then Firths the compensation lawyers are the people to speak to.Evan ,Andrew  Angelica ,Jessica and the team at Firths showed the utmost care and sensitivity regarding a  medical malpractice they took on for a family member of mine.

Evan treated us courteously and professionally patiently explaining complex legal issues and choices, and helping us to make the best decisions for our circumstances.Phone calls were always returned promptly and not once did I have to chase anyone.All information was conveyed to us in a timely manner through visits ,emails and phone calls.

Evan and Andrew were able to get us a win Unfortunately soon afterwards my family member passed on.Evan kept in contact with me through a difficult time and made the process an easier one.

Evan and the staff at Firths are first class and I recommend them to anyone that wants a proactive team who show genuine interest in their clients.

I was touched by the presence of Andrew at my family members funeral,this is the type of people Firths employ.

- Brent Patrick

9 August 2018

Matter Type: CTP Passenger Claim

I was a passenger in a car which was involved in a very serious accident.  Post accident I face a life of constant chronic pain.  

I can honestly say that without Firths and their ongoing support over the years I would not have made it through this dreadful process.  Firths made the whole process as easy as they possibly could and I cannot speak highly enough of them.

- Deborah Flynn

9 August 2018

Matter Type: Personal Injury Claim

During the last four years of unbearable emotional trauma and pain, Evan Griffith, has stood by me and my family throughout the devastating  legal process we found ourselves forced into.  Evan constantly expressed  genuine compassion and understanding, he offered much needed advice and support as we had  no idea of the legal system, or our legal rights. I found Evan to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional. To have someone who you can trust, who's got your back, and who actually cares makes this terrible journey just that bit easier.  Evan went above and beyond for us, and I highly recommend Evan Griffith from Firths Lawyers to anyone finding themselves in need of someone who really cares. Michele

- Toms Gaming

8 August 2018

Matter Type: TPD Insurance Claim

Thank you Mario Rodriguez and Stephen Firth for your professionalism and excellence in representing me in the last 2 years with my claim for a TPD benefit. I also extend my thanks to the kind and helpful staff at Firths who assisted me.

Recently my expectations were more than exceeded when Mario rang me with the wonderful news that the insurer had finally admitted my claim after many years. All this without having to go to court!

The matter was initiated in 2012 when I submitted claim forms directly to the fund, without understanding the complexity of the claims process and the nuanced nature of the claim. There were 2 previous law firms who represented me with this claim and their submissions to the insurer were met with rejection letters. This was in spite of my confidence that my claim condition met the insurer's policy definition .

I finally decided that I needed a specialist law firm and discovered Firths The Superannuation Lawyers. It can be very difficult navigating a claims process with a disability, this is why having the representation of a specialist law firm is so important. Mario and Stephen are experts in their field, they made connections where others failed and their arguments in their submissions to the insurer had weight. I can't thank them enough.

All the best in the futur

- Michelle Blackadder

7 August 2018

Matter Type: Medical Negligence Claim

We will never forget you at all from the time early in 2015 you did immediately accept to receive us and listen with great patience the complete tragedy story of my wife that you never seen before.

You have help her so much during these terrible time and especially been the ONE with Mr Stephen Firth to  understand and have the courage to let us know there were really a case with  areas of potential litigation regarding Josy's neurosurgeon.

We have also realized that after 39 months of long working time, you and Firths did  a very  good negotiation and  successfully win the case.

Because of your free financial help and suggestions, we have carry on to trust you and followed step by step your great recommendations .

On conclusion, we have appreciated that Neurosurgeon have well expressed a sincerely official APOLOGY of what he did on her, in hoping that he will never repeat the same wrong action and choice again to anybody in the future!! and as well with an acceptable great cost Compensation, over expectation for Josy pain and disability matter.

This means at least that, THANK MAINLY TO YOU and FIRTHS Serious Expertise,  the medical negligence claim to Josy has been fully recognized officially from the South Australian Medical Insurance and lawyers from all parties involved.

Very, Very best Regards,
Christian & Josy

- Cristianjosy Godinot

4 August 2018

Matter Type: Workers' Compensation Claim

I found the need for professional and competent legal representation in my workers compensation journey. I already knew Stephen Firth, when I contacted his firm for advice and support I was referred to Mr Evan Griffith, one of the senior solicitors at the firm. From the start Evan was excellent, outlining  a course of action, offering much needed advice and support. Evan and his team set about gathering the information and representing the case of my behalf. Evan brought about a positive resolution to a difficult situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Evan's services to anyone dealing with workers compensation circumstances.

- Philip Davey

3 August 2018

Matter Type: Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

Thank you to Stephen Firth, Jane & all the Firths team.
Without their help, I wouldn't have gotten the medical treatment I desperately needed after being hit by a car. (I know because I tried!)
They were with me every step of the way with unwavering persistence.  When things got really tough & I was being treated like a number, with everything that was thrown at us, Stephen, Jane, Chloe & Julia treated me with kindness & they made themselves available to me whenever I needed guidance, assistance or even a just a good cry!.
Not only did they fight for the very best outcome on my behalf, they fought hard for me!  They've made it possible for me to focus purely on my rehabilitation & my future without any further stress or burden.
In my eyes, Firths are so much more then a hardworking law firm, they're fair, compassionate & lovely people who go above & beyond to get the best result for you.  they really do make you feel like you are being looked after and that you matter!.
I more than highly recommend Firth's services & I will be forever grateful to Stephen & his whole team for all of their help when I most needed it in life. 
Thank you!

- Kristy Robinson

2 August 2018

Matter Type: Motorbike Accident Claim

My name is Glen & I would like to leave a review about the legal representation I had following a motorbike accident 3 years ago. This review I think has a dual purpose-
firstly I would like to think it would help anyone unfortunate enough to be injured to select legal representation confidently, &
secondly, to comment on the wonderful treatment received from Firths The Compensation Lawyers.
My wife & myself have had the privilege of being represented by Firths for the past 3 years following a motorbike accident which left me with multiple trauma resulting in some permanent disabilities.
In the beginning Stephen Firth came to my home after I was discharged from hospital to introduce himself & explain the process of legal representation I was about to begin.
From that first day I knew I had made the right decision.
Over the course of the next 3 years Stephen & his legal team stuck by me every step of the way. Any questions my wife or myself had were quickly & competently answered, as Stephen & his team were only a phone call away.
We have never been involved in this sort of legal work before & subsequently were apprehensive & nervous about how or what to do. The team at Firths always showed compassion & understanding when we rang, keeping us informed of every development. Customer service here was excellent & I cannot fault the treatment & advice given to us.
During the final stages of my case, Stephen Firth negotiated on my behalf with the insurer. His experience & professionalism at this critical time shone through & achieved a result for me, that my wife & myself are still in awe of.
Again, I would like to say that anyone contemplating legal representation, in my opinion, could do no better than have Firths legal team represent them, based on their customer service & achieving the best result possible makes this choice easy.
I have no negative criticisms at all about Firths.
I hope this review of Firths The Compensation Lawyers helps anyone in need of such services.
All the best,

- Glen

Thanks for your efforts and I will be sure to recommend you to my associates whom are in a similar situation.

Thankfully & sincerely,

- Michael

Dear Stephen,

Thank you also for your good advice. It reaffirms the importance of having a good lawyer.

Much appreciated.

Kind regards,

- Christina

Matter Type: Super/TPD Claims

Dear Carl, Lisa & Mario

Thank you so much for your efforts in obtaining a successful outcome with my Hostplus insurance. This will make a huge difference to my lifestyle.

Best wishes

- Grace

To the wonderful team at Firths. I can't begin to explain how grateful I am for your prompt and hassle free approach to this matter. Not only have you saved me from financial ruin but this has enabled me to get back to the father that my daughters need.

Thank you so much. Sincerely

- Derek

Matter Type: TPD Insurance Claims

Dear Carl,

I'm just writing for you to thank you for your professional work and thank you as well for being patient with me and understanding my situation as I was going through depression and anxiety and you dealt with me professionally and also I want to thank you for your confident your strong name around the insurance companies made massive different and your promise was spot-on as you said to me you could finish this case very quick and I trusted you blindly so we are done that's the main thing now I can rest and also can you please pass my thanks to Mario and Jeanne they done the best they could to help ...

Kind regards,

- Mohammad

To Carl, Julian, Isabella and Firths Team,

I would like to thank you all very much for your hard work and the positive outcome in regards to my insurance claim. I look back and can honestly say everyone at Firths was professional, understanding and supporting during the process. Aside from my health issues that I'm learning to live with, my family and I were under enormous financial pressure, I especially appreciate everyone's support when dealing with my frustration and emotions over the years I know I wasn’t always easy to deal with. Once again Isabella, Julian, Carl and everyone at Team Firths, my family and I can't thank you enough god bless you and your families.


- Lou

Matter Type: Super/TPD Claims

Dear Stephen Firth, Mario Rodriguez and the Superannuation team, Greg McKean and the Worker’s Compensation team,

In what was a very difficult time in the life of our family, it was reassuring to know you were on our side, advocating on our behalf. Please accept our warmest thanks and gratitude.

Kind regards,

- Gavin

Hi Carl,

Thank You so much. I can honestly cannot thank Firths enough for everything all of you (in particular yourself, Mario & Jenny) have done for my family and me. Without you all, we would have not stood a chance in succeeding as well as we have' I could not highly recommended your company enough to other people in the same or similar situations like ours. A big sincere Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards,

- Sarah

Dear Stephen and the Firths family,

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication during the course of my case. You were with me every step of the way in a difficult time in my life, you did not deviate from the course, on behalf of my wife, and I would Iike to sincerely thank you for that. In my view, Firths professionalism and dedication to their clients are second to none. That said I most certainly would have no hesitation in referring any potential future clients. Stephen you would never really know the part Firths has played in our lives in making this possible, we will never forget what you have done for my wife and l.

Thank you Stephen.

- Shane

In 1998, my mother Esme had been awaiting a compensation claim to be finalised and was stuffed around for many many years. Stephen took on my mums case and achieved way more compensation than she ever imagined...unfortunately towards end of the case she was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer which took her life within a matter of 3 weeks.... during that time Stephen did everything humanly possible and even more so, which was way above and beyond what I ever thought anyone would ever do, to help settle my mums claim and give her peace of mind before her passing. For this I will be forever in his debt and grateful for his kindness and caring dedication to our family.

Kindest Regards,

- Rod

Hi Louise, Jeanne & Carl,

Thanks you all very much for assisting me with my TPD claims and IP claim. I will pass on your details as requested if any legal issues pop up. I have enjoyed your professionalism all the way.

Many thanks & kind regards,

- Grantley

Matter Type: Workplace Injury

Dear Evan. Natalie and Jessica,

Thank you for your correspondence. I feel the need to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to you all. I genuinely feel sorry for those still caught in the Workers Compensation nightmare but for those that are your clients, they should feel rest assured that they are in good hands. If there is anything, I can do in the future to assist in any way; I would be more than happy to. All the very best. Stay safe.

Kind regards,

- Andrew

Dear amazing team at Firths,

I would like to start with a huge thank you to you all, especially Stephen and Chloe. Without you help I don’t know where I would be. You have given myself and daughter a bright future. Thank you Stephen for everything from making me feel so comfy and looked after. You went above and beyond for me. The case was quick and smooth. I’m very appreciative for this. You have an amazing team behind you. Be very proud. Once again, thank you all very much. Have a great future.

- Jane

Dear Stephen,

I just wanted to thank you again for all you did for me in regard to my case. As I told you I have never gone through anything like that before and found it quite traumatic, and without all your guidance and support I could not have done it. I really appreciate everything you did, your advice and support was invaluable.

Thank you again,

- Meryl

To dear Stephen,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the help you rendered in winning my lawsuit and changing my life for the better. I cannot explain how grateful and appreciative I am with the service that I have received from you and your staff. I would like to make special mention of Marlene your receptionist in which was so lovely to deal with not only not only over the phone but in person too. You were always very helpful with your professional guidance and opinion of what the best actions were to take and most appropriate ways of dealing with the situation. Thank you again for everything, I am very grateful for your level of expertise in the matter and the dealing of the case. If ever I hear of someone who requires any legal services, I always refer them to your company and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for changing my life!

Warmest and Kindest Regards,

- Kristel

Dear Jane,

I’m in a better place thanks to you guys, emotionally. Without you guys, my life would be very different. I’ll always be grateful for what you achieved for me.

- Olive

Matter Type: Super/TPD Claims

I would like to thank Firths for the professional and friendly way they handled my TPD claim with Cbus super. Personal thanks to Mario Rodriguez and his staff for their advice and guidance in regard to claim. I’ll have no hesitation in recommending Firths to anyone needing help in such matters.

- Peter

Dear Stephen,

I would like to express my gratitude and thank you and all of your team that helped me the past 2 years with my settlement that has finally come to end and left me beyond happy of the outcome that I personally thought was not even achievable. You guys are all absolutely amazing and I am so happy that I went with your firm for my case. Winning the money will never take away the pain that I will be suffering in most of my life now but it's definitely going to help be able to achieve and save for things that I could never imagined to pay for ever, Once again would just like to say thank you to you and all your team.

Kind Regards,

- Sarah

Matter Type: Insurance Claims

I would like to thank the Firths team who I have had a lot of great and patient people look after my case for a total of 3 years of ups and downs, regarding the insurance company not wanting to settle my claim, but Firths stuck with me. Finally, they won the case for my TPD. Very satisfied at how Firths work and a great thanks to them from me and my family.

- Darren

I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you have done for my case. I will definitely recommend your firm any day.

Kind regards,

- Leticia

Dear Stephen,

What does one say to a successful practitioner that hasn't been said in every variation already? A simple 'thank you' is inadequate and I suspect you are not a person who likes grand flourishes. But Stephen, for all that, I am immensely grateful for many reasons. Furthermore, from your front desk to your ancillary staff, your firm has been a joy and comfort to deal with and I think I am richer for their experience than any money could possibly match.

- SG

Matter Type: Insurance Claims


Would just like to say a big thank you to you and your team for your professionalism in the way you successfully won both my cases against the Insurers, I am eternally grateful to you and your team for this, you have made mine and my family's life a lot easier.

Thanks and regards,

- Dave

Hi Stephen,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, supporting me & most of all a win against the truck driver. Thank you again. We won!!! You’re amazing!!!


- Val

I am writing to share with you what your work has done for me. Before my claim, I lived in a noisy part of Melbourne and very rarely got sleep due to outside noise triggering my schizophrenia. I lad little hope for the future. Then after responding to your TV ad, I was shocked by the level of professionalism and what was available to me. I am so greatly appreciative of what you have done for me. I want you to know that your work has profoundly changed my life.

- Chris

Dear Stephen and team,

Thank you so much for your input and expertise into my case. There were times I went I wanted to pull the plug but was encouraged to keep going.


- Marjorie

To the team at Firths,

You have given me my life back! Can’t thank you enough.

Thank you,

- Chris

Matter Type: TPD Super Claim

Firths have done a great job getting my super sorted with great communication with me. I would highly recommend them to anyone having problems with there superannuation provider.

- John Ward

I am truly grateful for all that James and his capable staff have achieved for me in this case. This has been a very rewarding outcome for me and I feel completely vindicated. I have been so pleased with all my dealings with Firths.

Once again thanks to you all for your support, patience and true professionalism to me over the past few yeard

- Narelle

Matter Type: CTP Compensation Claim

Thank you for the results achieved by James Kospetas and his team. I am very happy with the final settlement payout. This is the second time I have used Firths over the years. both times with good results. in the future if I need to, I wont hesitate to use your firm again

- James

Matter Type: TPD Superannuation Claim

Thank you to Carl and his team. Your service, empathy and sympathy during this difficult time in my life and career had been impeccable.

I could not of done this without Carl and his team. At the moment I’m enjoying work and my new role. However if I relapse or get sick again and are unable to continue, I’ll be sure to contact Firths; Carl and his team to have my claim reopened and re-assessed accordingly.

- Harry

I would like to express my appreciation for you and your staffs professionalism. I was very impressed. Also like to thank you for your kind generosity when you didn't need to be. At any relevant situation in the future I will strongly recommend your services.  

- Aronn

Exceptional level of experience and professionalism in the case. As I am sure you can understand, people generally do not go through such matters in their life in this regard. It has been a long journey from the start and to talk to and work with yourself and everyone involved in helping me in this case has been exceptional, that is where the level of experience and professionalism in handling the case has been very appreciated. Thank you kindly to everyone at Firths.

- Jarrod

Matter Type: Super/TPD Claims

Dear Carl,

Thank you for your help with my super claim. I really appreciate it and thankyou for the lovely bag and fridge magnets I use my bag everytime I go into town. I am proud to say Firth are the best Superannuation Lawyers in Australia and I'd recommend them to everyone who might have a super claim.

- Jeff

Matter Type: TPD/ Super Claim

To Carl, Mario and the team at Firths.

On behalf of Helen and myself, I would like to thank you and the team for all the hard work and the help you provided Helen and I over the past 12 months. We will gladly recommend Firths to anyone who needs legal assistance from a highly professional and friendly group of people. You have our sincere thanks in helping us to start this new part of our lives in such a positive way. 

Again thank you for everything.

- Helen and Tony

I also want to thank you for all of your help to get to me to this point, I will be eternally grateful for your taking my case on. You have always treated me like a friend rather than just a number or another client and I would like to say in all sincerity that you are my life saver. I was at ropes end when I called Firths and if not for you and your company taking a chance on my getting justice then I do not know where I would be today. It sounds like a goodbye which it isn't ,I just wanted to express my gratitude.

- Kristel

Dear Stephen,

I would like to express my gratitude and thank you and all of your team that helped me the past 2 years with my settlement that has finally come to end and left me beyond happy of the outcome that I personally thought was not even achievable. There had been many times where I pushed beyond the point that had left me in severely bad states of mind with seeing all the different Drs/Specialist/psychiatrist where I felt completely hopeless that anyone would believe me or understand the actual severity that the accident had left me in, and brought completely irrelevant things of my past up that had left me traumatised all over again, but I am nothing but thankful to you and your colleagues that helped me get through to the very end of this with what I considered to be an amazing outcome, You guys are all absolutely amazing and I am so happy that I went with your firm for my case. Winning the money will never take away the pain that I will be suffering in most of my life now but it's definitely going to help be able to achieve and save for things that I could never imagined to pay for ever, Once again would just like to say thankyou to you and all your team.

Kind Regards,

- Sarah

Dear Stephen,

I would like to thank you and your legal team for your professional support and help since my accident in May 2011. Also extremely happy with the outcome of my case and the unexpected high compensation payment. I would definitely recommend your law firm to my family and friends.

Thank you again.


- Michael