Motor Accident Injuries

Free NSW Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Assessment

If you've been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Sydney or anywhere in NSW and want to claim compensation, Firths will achieve the best result in the quickest possible time with the least stress to you. There are a number of things which you must do if you wish to bring a claim for NSW CTP compensation. The three steps are outlined below.
  1. 01. Report the accident

    You must report the accident to the NSW police within 28 days. You need to be careful with this because we have found in some cases even though the police attended the accident no official report is filed.

  2. 02. Complete a Claim Form

    We have the NSW CTP claim forms and will help you fill it out and ensure it is properly served for you. We have found many people come to grief with the claim form and cannot stress enough how important it is to get the whole case off on the right foot.

  3. 03. Lodge form within 3 months

    This is an important deadline in NSW and great care needs to be taken to ensure it is complied with. Here again if you fill it out we can check it and ensure it is properly lodged for you. 

  4. 04. Lost earnings

    You should be aware that if you want to claim loss of earnings you need to lodge your claim form in 1 month. If you leave it till after then you will lose your right to claim lost earnings before you lodge your claim form.

Government restrictions and medical assessment

Under the new system the NSW Government has made it very hard for injured accident victims. You are now only eligible for pain and suffering compensation if you are assessed as having greater than 10% Whole Person Impairment (WPI). This is determined by medical assessors appointed by the Medical Assessment Service (MAS). 

We have found that under this system many people with quite severe injuries (such as broken arms and legs) can miss out on any compensation for pain and suffering because they are not assessed as having greater than 10% WPI. 

This is one area where we can make a big difference because we have developed considerable experience with the relevant NSW guidelines and on many occasions have successfully challenged assessments and ultimately got the client over 10%.

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