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What does 'No Win No Pay' really mean?

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  • 07 Jun 2023

Well, I can’t speak for other firms but with Firths it means you don’t have to pay us anything out of your own pocket at any time for anything. That is because we make no charge until the end of the claim and then only if successful and then only from the result. This should give you complete peace of mind so long as your claim can be resolved without having to commence court proceedings and we find 99% of all claims can be finalised this way. So for the overwhelming majority of clients, they don’t have to worry about being out of pocket at all.

But what if court proceedings are necessary? Well, once again, because we only get paid if we win if the claim is unsuccessful then you don’t have to pay us anything.

But what about the other side? Here’s the thing. If you lose the case you will be ordered to pay the other side’s legal costs. Now, depending on your circumstances, that may or may not be a real problem but you need to be aware that it is a potential risk whenever court proceedings are commenced.

Now obviously one of the main reasons you would see us is because of our proven track record of success. Indeed we successfully finalise over 900 cases every year and our success rate is 99.9%.

I mean when you think about it we are not going to be paid unless we win and so we fight to win and because of our experience and expertise, we do win almost all the time.

Also, I stress this risk only exists when cases are taken to court. These days less than 1% of all cases end up in court because we settle most cases before court proceedings are commenced and even when it is necessary to commence court proceedings most cases settle before they come on for hearing.

So, if you are wondering if you have a claim worth pursuing, give us a call at 1800 631 888 and we’ll let you know what we may be able to action for you.

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