Compensation for Warehouse Workers

Compensation for factory and warehouse workers

If you’ve been injured on the job in a warehouse, factory, assembly line or a loading dock our team of specialist workers' compensation lawyers will help you get the maximum compensation available to you.

Warehouse Injury Compensation Claims

Warehouse and factory employees do work that includes labeling, inventory management, breaking bulk materials, assembly, packaging orders, loading trucks and shipments and making transportation arrangements.

Unfortunately, warehouse employees take some serious risks when they go to work every day to perform these essential tasks. Getting hurt on the job in a warehouse is a very real possibility. If this happens to you or to a family member, the losses can be devastating.

Common warehouse and factory accidents and injuries include:

Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are powered industrial trucks routinely used in warehouses to move, remove, raise or lower objects. Forklifts can be controlled by walking operators or ridden by operators. Unfortunately, accidents involving both types of forklifts are a top cause of workplace injuries and deaths. One of the most common causes of forklift-related deaths is the forklift overturning and crushing workers. However, forklifts can also cause injury during loading and unloading. Workers can also be run over by a lift, fall between the lift and a trailer or fall while on an elevated pallet.

Overexertion injuries

Putting too much stress on the body is a major cause of warehouse injuries. Injuries often occur when a worker tries to lift too much. The back and shoulders are most likely to be hurt when a worker overexerts himself, but other body parts can be affected as well. Pushing, pulling, carrying and lowering are also causes of overexertion injuries along with lifting.

Truck accidents

While many warehouses contract with outside trucking companies, others provide transportation services. Warehouse employees operating trucks are in danger of becoming involved in accidents while moving materials from one place to another.

Being hit by objects

Workers who are hit by industrial lift trucks or handling equipment are often at risk of very serious injuries or even death. Workers can be hit not just by handling equipment but also by falling loads or shifting inventory.

Loading dock injuries

Loading docks can be the most hazardous area in warehouses. Workers can fall off docks, be crushed while loading or unloading, be hit by trucks or vehicles that come too close or hurt themselves while in the process of moving materials from the dock to the truck for shipment.

Fall injuries

Slippery or wet areas are common on the floors of many warehouses. There are often dissimilar flooring surfaces or uneven floors.  The accumulation of debris, empty containers, pallets or even excess inventory can also create tripping hazards. The poor lighting in many warehouses can make it difficult for employees to avoid obstacles. All of these factors result in many warehouse workers falling on the same level. Workers can also fall off ladders, loading docks and other elevated areas.


I’ve been injured at work in a warehouse accident. What should I do?

If you’ve been injured at work your employer should take care of submitting a workers compensation claim on your behalf, but you’ll need to get a certificate of capacity from your doctor and you’ll need to get it renewed every 28 days. This is used to determine your weekly payment amount, unless the insurer makes a work capacity decision that’s different from your doctor’s opinion.

If you’re unsure what to do, it costs nothing to call one of Firths specialist workers' compensation lawyers and receive the expert advice that can make all the difference to how much compensation you receive.

What if I’m a casual employee or contractor?

Industrial and warehouse workers such as pick/ pack and assembly line workers are sometimes employed on a casual or contract basis. As a casual worker you’re covered by your employer’s workers compensation policy, however regular contractors need to be a “deemed employee” to be covered.

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