Woolworths Compensation Claims

Woolworths Compensation Claims

Were you recently injured in an accident while shopping in a Woolworths supermarket? If so, it may not be your responsibility to cover the cost of your injuries and lost wages. With a personal injury claim, you may be able to receive financial compensation from Woolworths for an accident caused by negligence.

Woolworths Supermarket Compensation Claims

Woolworths is one of the most popular supermarkets in Australia with over 3,000 stores and 200,000 employees. While Woolworths strives to uphold high standards, there are occasions where accidents happen.

If you have been injured while in a Woolworths store, no matter whether you were doing your shopping, or you work there, you may be entitled to compensation.

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What are the potential hazards at Woolworths supermarkets?

Woolworths are known for their large supermarkets. The number and variety of products found in one store can potentially lead to several different in-store hazards.

Woolworths like other business, has a responsibility to maintain a safe store. Some common grocery store safety issues that might present themselves at Woolworths include:

  • Faulty refrigeration and freezer cases leaking water
  • Food debris in produce areas
  • Discarded boxes near the self-bagging counter
  • Wet floors near the store’s entrance and exit from rain or snow
  • Slick aisles if products leak from packages

When these kinds of safety concerns are present in a supermarket, they have the potential to cause slip and fall accidents if they are not identified and corrected.

I’ve had an accident in a Woolworths store. How do I know if I have a claim?

You do not expect a simple shopping trip to end in injury, but it can, and does, happen. Depending on the type of accident you’ve experienced, and whose fault it was, you may be able to make an Woolworths compensation claim.

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I work at Woolworths. Can I make a claim for an accident I have been involved in?

While Woolworths supermarkets may not appear a dangerous place to work, all workplaces can be dangerous if they are not maintained and managed effectively. No matter whether you want to make a claim due to and injury resulting from incorrect training or you wish to launch a back-injury workers' compensation claim, Firths can assist.

If you’ve been injured while working for Woolworths contact our team of workers compensation experts on 1800 631 888 for a free claim assessment.

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