Testimonial by Michelle Blackadder

8 August 2018

Matter Type: Google Review - TPD Insurance Claim

Thank you Mario Rodriguez and Stephen Firth for your professionalism and excellence in representing me in the last 2 years with my claim for a TPD benefit. I also extend my thanks to the kind and helpful staff at Firths who assisted me.

Recently my expectations were more than exceeded when Mario rang me with the wonderful news that the insurer had finally admitted my claim after many years. All this without having to go to court!

The matter was initiated in 2012 when I submitted claim forms directly to the fund, without understanding the complexity of the claims process and the nuanced nature of the claim. There were 2 previous law firms who represented me with this claim and their submissions to the insurer were met with rejection letters. This was in spite of my confidence that my claim condition met the insurer's policy definition .

I finally decided that I needed a specialist law firm and discovered Firths The Superannuation Lawyers. It can be very difficult navigating a claims process with a disability, this is why having the representation of a specialist law firm is so important. Mario and Stephen are experts in their field, they made connections where others failed and their arguments in their submissions to the insurer had weight. I can't thank them enough.

All the best in the future

- Michelle Blackadder

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