Testimonial by Cristianjosy Godinot

7 August 2018

Matter Type: Medical Negligence Claim | Google Review

We will never forget you at all from the time early in 2015 you did immediately accept to receive us and listen with great patience the complete tragedy story of my wife that you never seen before.

You have help her so much during these terrible time and especially been the ONE with Mr Stephen Firth to  understand and have the courage to let us know there were really a case with  areas of potential litigation regarding Josy's neurosurgeon.

We have also realized that after 39 months of long working time, you and Firths did  a very  good negotiation and  successfully win the case.

Because of your free financial help and suggestions, we have carry on to trust you and followed step by step your great recommendations .

On conclusion, we have appreciated that Neurosurgeon have well expressed a sincerely official APOLOGY of what he did on her, in hoping that he will never repeat the same wrong action and choice again to anybody in the future!! and as well with an acceptable great cost Compensation, over expectation for Josy pain and disability matter.

This means at least that, THANK MAINLY TO YOU and FIRTHS Serious Expertise,  the medical negligence claim to Josy has been fully recognized officially from the South Australian Medical Insurance and lawyers from all parties involved.

Very, Very best Regards,
Christian & Josy

- Cristianjosy Godinot

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