Testimonial by Vfrobertson

18 December 2018

Matter Type: TPD Claim - Client Testimonial

When I first contacted the team at firths I was not sure what to expect. I was desperate with homelessness looming again because of the symptoms of my bi polar. I was no longer able to work as a nurse because my moods had become unpredictable and my judgement was greatly impaired. I had been living on a disability pension for several years. 

After 1 phonecall the team went to work on my behalf. They secured funds for me from the total and permanent disability insurance on my super and from the income protection insurance also attached to my super. They found a super fund i did not know i had and secured a substantial pay out on this fund. Through their efforts i am now in a finacial position to secure a home for myself, something I thought I would never be able to do in this life time.

Every step of the way the team made it easy for me to participate in their process despite having no fixed address. They provided administrative support, stayed in regular contact and kept me up to date with their progress. They remained at all times highly professional and extremely respecteful of me and personal circumstances. 

Firths is professional and transparent in thier actions. I would encourage everyone to call and make an inquiry with them. With their no win no fee policy you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and with their sucess rate of 99% you have a very high probability of a win in your favour. 

Calling Firths was the single smartest decision I have made in my lifetime. It has changed everything for me. If you are reading this and you are unsure of what to do next, just pick up the phone and make an inquiry. Like me they may secure a future for you beyond your imaginings. 

- Vfrobertson

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