Testimonial by Tracey Mitchell

8 May 2019

Matter Type: Rejected TPD Claim - Google Review

I want to thank Carl Mickels & Samara for your professionalism, incredible understanding and never ending positive go get em attitude. My experience with Firths has been no less than truly life changing & life saving! For over 8 years my TPD was rejected & delayed over and over, I was at a loss as to what to do. Firths changed all of that in under 8 months with a very recent incredible result which included negotiating interest & costs on top of my TPD. It gave me great pleasure to see the Insurance Company being held accountable & made to realise there are consequences for their unconscionable behaviour. Carl took all the stress away, in fact I enjoyed his phone calls because he only contacted me with good news. Don't wait a minute longer, pick up the phone and call Firths, they are there to help and if they can they will change your life too. Thanks again, Tracey

- Tracey Mitchell

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