Testimonial by John Scherf

29 July 2019

Matter Type: Brisbane Motor Vehicle Accident Claim - Google Review

I had a motor vehicle accident and was referred Firth's laywers I then phone to discuss my options. They were very helpful with any questions I had and even drove to my house to talk face to face. I decided to ask for there legal representation and the paper work was easy to fill in very clear about what I was signing. The customer service was excellent any questions I could think of was handled very quickly either over the phone or emails which was great because I always had contact about my case and received answers fast. The whole case was very easy receive a phone call about doctor appointments and when and andwhat time and best of all I had to pay NO Money to doctors just attend and leave all through the case no money was needed the laywers took care of any bills.To finish up Firth's legal representation was well beyond excellent very professional and listen to anything I said made sure I was first thanks

- John Scherf

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