Testimonial by Victoria Robertson

26 August 2019

Matter Type: Successful TPD Claim - Google Review

Recently the team at Firth’s secured for me a substantial settlement

This settlement has been used to benefit not only myself but the greater community.

For myself i was able to clear all my personal debt and purchase a 3 bedroom house. After a lifetime of homelessness due to the symptoms of my Bipolar having a stable home will assist me to maintain a stable mind. It is also something i did not think would ever happen in my lifetime

I would like to note Firth’s secured me enough money to not only meet my needs but to share that good fortune with others in dire situations.

i was able to make several donations to charities which are in need of support.

For the team at Firth’s this result may just feel like an average days work. But what they are achieving for people is anything but average.

I wish For everyone receive the good fortune which has been bestowed on myself.

Every step of the way I was supported by the team. Nothing was too much or too difficult for them and when I found things difficult or did not understand the team provided me with everything I needed to proceed. They were at all times professional courteous and quick to act.

When I made the very first phone call I had no idea the team would achieve for me such a life changing result.

- Victoria Robertson

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