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When time is of the essence

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  • 30 Jun 2023

One of the ways we try to differentiate ourselves as a firm is by finalising cases quickly. Sometimes we even manage to surprise ourselves just how quickly. Take a recent case as an example for a client we’ll call Yvonne which for obvious reasons is not her real name.

Yvonne was injured in a motor vehicle accident on 18 November 2021. At the time she approached us on 18 May 2023, she had been with her previous solicitors for over 18 months and was getting absolutely nowhere. She decided to come across to us and, less than 6 weeks later, I was able to settle her case for $130,000 at a settlement conference.

Now I don’t suggest for one moment that we can settle every case as quickly as that. Indeed there can be good reasons why a case may take a lot longer to settle but, having said that, we find many solicitors allow their cases to drift where at Firths we like to keep them moving. This means that as a rule, we finish cases more quickly than our competitors.

If you are fed up with how long it is taking to finalise your case give us a call; chances are we will be able to move it along for you.

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