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Victims of the Hunter bus accident recover compensation.

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  • 21 Dec 2023

We acted for a number of the victims of the horrific Hunter Bus accident which occurred on 11 June 2023.

We lodged claims for common law damages on behalf of our clients and the insurance company admitted liability.  We always lodge claims for common law damages on behalf of our clients because that is the only way they can recover lump sum compensation.  It also ensures that wage loss payments continue.  If no claim for common law damages is lodged wage payments cease after two years.

At a recent settlement conference with the insurer we were able to settle claims for three of our clients.  These are believed to be the very first settlements paid out in relation to this tragic accident.  The amounts involved were very large.  Two were $M+ and one was high six figures.  These results were achieved in less than six months after the accident. 

The three clients were all entitled in addition to continue to receive payments for their medical and treatment expenses in the future. 

Also according to our policy the insurance company paid ALL the legal costs so no amount was deducted from any of the settlements for legal costs.

All three clients expressed great satisfaction with the results achieved and in particular that they had been recovered so quickly.

Mr Firth said that the cases were tragic and that the accident was indeed horrific.

But credit where it is due, QBE had managed each of the claims in an exemplary fashion. 

Mr Firth said he hoped these results gave each victim a measure of closure and assisted them as they attempt to rebuild their lives.

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