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Do we take a percentage from your settlement for our costs?

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  • 31 May 2023

I’m often asked whether we take a percentage from the settlement for costs.  I always answer no because, whilst that is common in the United States where lawyers often charge 30% of the result, it is illegal in New South Wales.

Rather we give a lump sum fixed quote.  But at times clients are concerned about what will happen if they are awarded less than the quote.

The first thing I say is that you never have to pay any amount out of your own pocket to us for costs, ever.  So if that happens the costs will be reduced. 

But I go even further and say in small cases that our charges will NEVER exceed 50% of the result and if necessary our quote will be reduced to achieve this. 

This gives you peace of mind.

Look at it this way. Our quote is the most we will charge, it could be less, perhaps a lot less, depending on the result. 

So give us a call now at 1800 631 888 and see what a difference we can make.

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