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Firths turn the legal world upside down with new policy of no costs deductions from settlements.

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  • 30 May 2023

Legal costs can still be a stumbling block for many people which can prevent them from obtaining legal advice and ultimately could cost them a lot of money in compensation foregone.

At Firths, we offer a number of solutions to the problem of legal costs that are designed to give you peace of mind.

For example, we were one of the first firms to offer ‘No Win – No Pay’ terms. Also, our lump sum fixed quotes mean you as the client know right from the outset what it is all going to cost.

But, more recently, the proprietor of the firm, Mr. Stephen Firth, has now taken it a step further. We will agree to take on certain cases on the basis that the firm will accept whatever the insurance company pays for legal costs. In other words, in these circumstances, not only do you pay nothing out of your own pocket for anything but nothing is deducted from your settlement for legal costs either. This radical new initiative has been a big winner with clients. So if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident for example and you have been made an offer by the insurance company and you would like to see if you can do better now you can engage us with confidence because you know that nothing will be deducted from your settlement for legal costs because in these circumstances we will accept whatever the insurance company pays us for your case.

There is therefore now no reason why you shouldn’t have the benefit of legal advice before you accept any offer made to you by the insurance company because, with this new initiative to protect you, under no circumstances can you be worse off.

Take as an example someone who came to see us. He had been injured in a motor vehicle accident and was eligible for compensation for pain and suffering. The insurance company had offered him $200,000. He was on the verge of accepting it when his wife suggested he give us a call. Mr. Firth spoke to him and told him about our new policy and he decided he had nothing to lose.

Within a month we had achieved a settlement of $300,000 and he received the FULL $300,000 as NOTHING was deducted for legal costs because we accepted in full payment what the insurance company paid.

We achieved this by negotiating a settlement of $300,000 plus costs and we accepted what the insurance company paid for costs so the client got the full $300,000.

No wonder motor accident victims have been beating a path to our door to take advantage of this new offer.

To find out if you may be eligible give us a call now on 1800 631 888 to speak to Mr Firth who will discuss your case with you and see if you are eligible for this new offer.

Remember, before your sign anything, ring us. You can be no worse off if you do and as many clients are finding out you could be significantly better off.

Put it to the test today, ring right now on 1800 631 888

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