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10 times what they offered

  • Case Study
  • 06 Aug 2016

Another recent case concerned a Castle Hill woman who was injured in a motor vehicle accident on 25 July last year. She had been dealing with the insurance company herself and was seriously considering accepting an offer they had made to her over the phone of $1,000. She looked us up on the web and sent us an email last Friday asking if there was anything we could do. I spoke to her myself and said that before she signed anything with the insurance company she should give me the chance to see whether or not I could negotiate a better result for her. She was a little reluctant at first but when I explained the insurance company would be paying all of the legal costs she said “well what have I got to lose?”

I rang the insurance company and by the following Wednesday had successfully negotiated a settlement of the claim for over ten times what she had been going to accept less than a week before. To say the least the client was very happy particularly as all of the legal costs would be paid by the insurance company.

This case illustrates why, before you sign anything, you should speak to us because, no matter what the insurance company is offering you, we will do better and if we cannot then it is on us. Simple as that. What have you go to lose?

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