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Widow recovers substantial compensation from country hospital for medial negligence

  • Case Study
  • 06 Oct 2017

This was an interesting case for an elderly woman who was admitted to a country hospital in New South Wales with complaints of soreness in the groin. She underwent a x-ray, which showed no abnormality. Later that night whilst being transferred from her bed to a toilet chair she was roughly handled by the nursing staff and suffered serious dislocation to her hip. X-rays taken the following the day confirmed the fracture. Ultimately the woman underwent a hip replacement.

The hospital denied liability but we were successful in recovering a verdict of $424,747.20 from the District Court. Because this was more than our client had said she would accept in an Offer of Compromise served on the hospital she also recovered costs on an indemnity basis. This meant that all but a few thousand dollars of her costs was recovered from the insurance company. All in all a very successful piece of litigation for a delightful lady who can now look forward to some measure of comfort in her retirement.

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