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Back injury form Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Case Study
  • 05 Oct 2017

A few months ago we took a call from a lady from Mount Druitt who had been involved in a motor vehicle accident. She sustained a low back injury when a mini van collided into the back of the vehicle she was driving. She said that the insurer had offered to settle her case for $3,708 all up. She was thinking about accepting the offer but wondered if we could do any better. We said that we thought we could do better but that if we couldn’t then there would be no charge.

With nothing to lose she instructed us to take the case on and we were able to renegotiate a settlement of $115,000! And the insurance company paid all the costs too! Needless to say our client was quite overwhelmed. And to think she nearly just took the offer from the insurance company because she was apprehensive about contacting a solicitor!

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