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Not all representation is equal

  • Case Study
  • 05 Aug 2017

We acted for a man from Penrith who had a motor vehicle at work when an unregistered and unlicensed motorcycle drove along a footpath and straight into the path of our client’s vehicle.

Now you may think that sounds simple enough but before he came to us he had been through two different firms of solicitors who had managed to completely stuff the whole case up.

By the time he saw us all we could do was take action against the previous solicitors for not doing their job properly and finally last month our client received his entitlement.

The moral of this story is that you are only going to get one chance at compensation and you need to get the best possible representation the first time around. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all lawyers will get the same result; they won’t. Sometimes seeing us can make the difference between winning and losing but in all cases seeing us will make a big difference to the outcome. 

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